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There are many different mediums for carrying Essential or Blended Oils. These include Vegetable Oils, Moisturisers, Lotions, Creams and Ointments. Vegetable Oils are cold pressed oils, to which you add your selection of oils. They are generally used in massage oils, and cosmetic and hair preparations. They are covered in more detail on our Carrier or Vegetable Oils page.

Moisturisers, Lotions, Creams and Ointments can be made from some basic ingredients.

Moisturiser Base:- Use a good quality, unscented sorbolene, aqueous or vitamin E cream.

Floral Water:- Rose, Lavender, Witch Hazel, etc, may be used depending upon properties required. Refer to our Hydrosols page for further information on these.

Beeswax:- Yellow beeswax is unrefined and is best to use, although may be hard to find. White beeswax is refined, in convenient pellets, and more easily available.

Clay:- White - Detoxifies the skin and balances sebum production.
Pink - Firms skin tissue, for fragile, dehydrated, sensitive skin.
Green - Draws toxins from the skin.

Simple, but effective recipes are provided below, which do not contain the range of chemical additives present in commercial preparations today.

50 gms Sorbolene
50-60 ml Floral Water
up to 20 drops Essential or Blended Oil
Proportions of Sorbelene and Floral Water may be altered as desired. This cream may be used as a base for a day or night moisturiser, or pimple cream. Evening Primrose Oil, Calendula, or Carrot Healing Oils can be added to the night moisturiser for extra nourishment.

50 gms Sorbolene
100-120 ml Floral Water
up to 25 drops Essential or Blended Oil
Use when a thinner consistency is required, for a body lotion or when an oil is not suitable. Excellent for anyone that doesn't like that oily feeling. More Floral Water may be added for an even thinner lotion.

Cold Cream
40 ml Sweet Almond Oil
40 ml Floral Water
10 gms Beeswax
Using a metal or pyrex bowl, add Almond Oil and beeswax. Have Floral Water in another bowl. Sit both in a saucepan of water over gentle heat. Stir until beeswax is melted, turn off heat. Whisk oil and beeswax, slowly adding a little Floral Water at a time until all added. Once water has been absorbed, stop beating. Place in a jar and let set in a cool place.
Can be used as a cleansing cream or hand cream.

15 gms Beeswax
60 ml Sweet Almond Oil
up to 30 drops Essential or Blended Oil
Combine beeswax and Almond Oil in a metal or pyrex bowl. Sit in a saucepan of water, over a gentle heat. Stir until melted and combined. Add Essential or Blended Oils. Pour into jars and let set.




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