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This is the name given to oils that hold particular healing properties. They are not as concentrated, volatile, or aromatic as Essential Oils.

In some cases, they are produced by infusing organic plant matter in quality vegetable oils, thus extracting the therapeutic properties of the various plants. As a result, the infusion may safely be used undiluted (neat) on the skin. This process is used for healing plants where extraction of Essential Oils is difficult, either because of the plant type or the very small yield of the Essential Oil (e.g. Arnica).

Healing Oil
Information - 25ml and 50ml bottles
Arnica is used to treat sport's injury and shock. It's anti-inflammatory (reduces, calms, counteracts inflammation) action is helpful in relieving pain and reducing the discolouration caused by bruising and sprains. It can give effective relief to joint and muscle inflamation caused by body knocks and strenuous use. A praticularly useful additive to liniments. It can also help in treatment of blood blisters and chilblains, to give relief from pain and aid in the healing process.
Uses:- Direct on skin, massage, liniment oil blends, ointments, balms, lotions and creams.

Cautions:- Do NOT apply to broken skin or use internally.

Calendula is anti-inflammatory (reduces, calms, counteracts inflammation) , strongly germicidal (destroys germs or micro-organisms such as bacteria, etc.) and nourishing. It is gentle and nourishing, ideal for babies skin, soothing to chapped, dry and sensitive skin types. It helps keep skin supple and is beneficial during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and soothe cracked nipples during lactation. It is also useful for treating nappy rash, skin inflammation, cuts, grazes, insect bites, cleansing dirty wounds, and promoting healing with reduced scarring.
Uses:- Direct on skin, massage, body and facial oil blends, lotions and balms

Cautions:- Use externally only

Carrot produces a beautiful deep orange oil. It is valuable for skin care, especially for areas which are often exposed to sun and harsh elements. It promotes the healing of sunburn, blisters, and peeling associated with exposure. Also helps relieve dry, sensitive, chapped skin and aids the healing of cuts, abrasions and stubborn sores.
Uses:- Direct on skin, massage, facial body oil blends, balms, lotions and creams

Cautions:- May stain clothing

Hypericum or St John's Wort is a calming, soothing sedating (reduces functional activity, calming) infusion. It is effective to treat symptoms of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. It has valuable healing properties for cuts, wounds, and abrasions. Combined with it's anti-inflammatory (reduces, calms, counteracts inflammation) and analgesic (loss of sensation - pain relieving) power, it can relieve and heal burns and rashes of nervous and allergic origins. Effective relief can also be given to sporting injuries and body knocks resulting in swelling, bruises, sprains and aching joints. Also particularly soothing for massaging into an area where a pinched nerve is causing pain.
Uses:- Direct on skin, massage and liniment oil blends, ointments, lotions and creams

Cautions:- Use externally only





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