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Lavendula Angustifolia




Leeann Dobson has researched, learnt and practiced many different types of massage. She brings her knowledge of more than 30 years to your body through her hands. Her hands move with an intuitive touch, soft and gently or deeply searching into the areas of the body that hold what is there to be released.

To release what is being held in memory by the cells of the body is to release the memory held by the brain, which is then freed to move into a new pattern. To encourage that surrender to a new pattern of Being is the skill that Leeann brings to your body.

This is her intention when her hands work with you. You will experience more than a massage. Expect a meditation that leaves you feeling renewed.
               Helen McC.



Its not just massage .. its a complete nurturing experience, just for you. Leeann's intuition guides her hands to the right oils for you at that time. I keep coming back because she's the best.     
                Sue B.





For more information please email: leeannd@iinet.net.au



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